Vanderhall Venice Speedster - Single Seated

Vanderhall Venice Speedster - Single Seated - TheArsenale

Vanderhall; the Utah based vehicle manufacturer that makes some of the world's best three-wheeled sports cars has released their newest creation, the Venice Speedster. 


Based on the existing Venice model, the Speedster is an updated edition of it; this time in a single-seated flavor. Instead of the traditional passenger seat; a composite panel resembling the "tonneaus" of classic cars. A taller aero piece is integrated into the headrest of the driver, bringing back those roadster vibes of classic cars. The Speedster comes in a single color and interior combination; Saxony Brown Interior with a Silver metallic color that features a full-length racing stripe. 


Mechanically identical to the Venice, the Speedster is powered by a 180HP four-cylinder and a sequential manual transmission. Vanderhall has announced the beginning of the manufacturing process to start in the end of 2018; available for purchase on their official website.