Vintage Electric x Rod Emory Outlaw Tracker E-Bike

Vintage Electric x Rod Emory Outlaw Tracker E-Bike - TheArsenale

Rod Emory has been feeding eye candy to all the Porsche purists for around 27 years now, restoring and rebuilding classic Porsches through his business; Emory Motorsports. The expertise of Mr.Emory however is far wider than that and he decided it was time to take all the classic Ferdinand Porsche design cues to another field. This latest collaboration between Rod Emory and Vintage Electric brings a very special Porsche-inspired e-bike on the road.

Glancing at the Outlaw Tracker for the first time will leave you astonished; trying to understand how such wonderful composition and inspiration could be drawn from a classic Porsche. It's certain you won't miss the classic details of the bike, with a leather seat and a set of different leather accents located around the front forks and handlebars. A bucket headlight in the front safely holds the powerful LED light behind a mesh grill. The rear light is integrated in the frame and all the wiring for the lights is integrated within the frame and connected to the main battery. Hydroforming has been used as the process of choice to create the classic and vintage frame silhouette of the Outlaw Tracker.

The Outlaw Tracker looks vintage; but it certainly is no sleeper in the performance section. Its heart and soul of the e-bike is a patent pending aluminum battery box, beautifully sculpted and sand cast in California. Not only does it safely store the 702 watt-hour lithium battery, electrical components; but it also disperses heat to lower the operating temperature. As the name suggests, the Tracker is capable of going through your favorite backroads. To do this, an upside down fork has been installed in the front with road race valving. The handlebars are made out of stainless steel and shaped for the perfect riding position. Equipped with Schwalbe Fat Frank tires, friction is guaranteed on road and off-road thanks to the KevlarGuard woven material. What's interesting about the bike is the Race Mode function; a feature that puts the 3,000 watt rear hub motor to its full capacity. This will beam up the e-bike up to 58km/h, which is a considerable number with the lightweight frame. But there is a catch; the Race Mode is not road-legal due to USA and EU regulations. You can still tear up country backroads though. All that considerable power requires some serious stopping power, so Vintage Electric used oversized 203mm Shimano Alfine Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

Vintage and classic looking; packing a punch has never looked so charismatic and full of character. The Outlaw Tracker is the incarnation of what an air-cooled Porsche would look like if it was crushed into an e-bike; thanks to the expertise of Vintage Electric and Rod Emory.