Volkswagen e-Beetle Concept Revives The People's Car

Volkswagen e-Beetle Concept Revives The People's Car - TheArsenale

When the Beetle came out, transport was reinvented and people began relying on these exoskeletal machines to get them from A to B. Built to be affordable to buy and run, these machines soon found their way in every German household.

Many years later, they still live under their legendary status. Many new models have come out but the original Ferdinand Porsche design is simply impossible to beat. In an effort to revive this classic, VW has just started a program that will take old Beetles and restore them. They will be using the engine from the VW e-Up!, an 80 hp engine that is good for 150 km/h and a range of 200 km. For a city car, that's more than plenty considering the original car had only 25 hp and could reach a top speed of 100 km/h. It also leaves quite a lot of space in the trunk which could make grocery runs a breeze. 

Now that this iconic little bugger has received a modern treatment, it could be the perfect daily driver. It is more stylish than 80% of cars out there, it features new technology and is timelessly cool. VW, consider us sold on this e-Beetle Concept.