Volkswagen Motorsport Re-Enters Pikes Peak with New Electric Race Car

Volkswagen Motorsport Re-Enters Pikes Peak with New Electric Race Car - TheArsenale

After 30 years of absence in the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb Race, Volkswagen Motorsport announced a teaser for an electric race car that will debut in June 24, 2018 in the famous Colorado destination.

Volkswagen Golf Mk.II Bi-Engine Pike's Peak, Colorado - 1987

30 years ago, Volkswagen Motorsport wowed the crowd with a monstrous bi-engined Golf Mk. II. The car weighed only 1020 kg and had an insane power output of 652 hp. It could reach 0-100 in only 3.4 seconds and it used two turbocharged 1.8L engines from Austrian engineer Kurt Bergmann. At its debut, the car was leading the scoreboard but two turns before the finish line, the front suspension failed and Jochi Kleint had to retire from the race.

On their way to electrify their lineup, Volkswagen Motorsport decided to join the party by creating a purpose-built race car for the famous track. The car is being developed jointly by Volkswagen Motorsport with the Wolfsburg Technical Development Department. Frank Welsch, Member of the Executive Board in charge of Development said "The Pikes Peak Hill Climb is one of the world's most famous motor racing events. Its many difficulties make it the ideal place to test the capabilities of the technologies of tomorrow".

Sven Smeets, Director of Volkswagen Motorsport called the Pikes Peak car a new beginning for Volkswagen. There is still no information regarding the performance numbers on the car but judging by the teaser, it certainly looks like a monster. Mr. Smeets is set to take revenge for the unfortunate 1987 race; and its main competitor is the record for the fastest EV lap; 8:57.118 by Rhys Millen in the Drive eO PP03. The car has 1367hp but on its 2015 win it was running on half power for half of the race due to electrical issues. If VW wants to beat the eO PP03 expect to see power figures topping the thousands. 

Rhys Millen in the eO PP03