Yamaha TR1 by Neuga Motorcycles

Yamaha TR1 by Neuga Motorcycles - TheArsenale

Neuga Motorcycles is a workshop based on Hungary Budapest and is run by three BMX fanatics; a rather eclectic combination. This commission came from Peter Szendro, one of the best interior designers in Hungary. Peter has been with us since the day one till the end of the job says Neuga’s Benedek Eszteri Wryly.


At the start of the build, Neuga's crew priority was the 75-degree V-twin. They have measured everything and changed all of the gaskets and o-rings, cam chains, camshafts, and the oil pump also the cases are all polished and painted and the cylinder head was refurbished as well. Wider rims were installed to accommodate the beefier tires. Also, the front end was upgraded by adding in a Yamaha R1 setup with an extra 100mm on top.


The main color of the bike is solid black except the engine which is chrome and the front part and the chain are gold. The "981" look is really luxurious and it has a brilliant shine to it. This clean but mean motorcycle is the perfect ride for a man of taste like Mr. Szendro.


Major thanks to BIKEExif for the images.