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TheArsenale Edition

2X2 Ultra Bike

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The most capable cross-country electric vehicle on the planet created by Robo Systems can now be yours with a touch of TheArsenale's DNA.

The best off-road adventure e-bike

This electric two-wheel-drive, balloon-tired motorbike is a highly specialized machine built to overcome difficult, inhospitable terrain at slow speeds and as effectively as possible. The 2X2 Ultra bike is powered by a 1,000-watt brushless DC motor that sits in each wheel.  The motors are powered by a 48-volt LifePo4 battery pack that is housed in a watertight enclosure in place of the motorcycle's traditional gas engine. It takes just an hour to recharge and is large enough to provide for a 50-km range between charges.


Tires: The wheels' buoyant property, brought on by their higher volume, enables you to swim over obstacles in the water. They are difficult to pierce because they exert little pressure on the ground. You can move securely on sand and marshy terrain and go over big snow drifts thanks to the wheels. Generator: When planning a long journey the bike's chassis allows for the attachment of a portable gasoline generator. While the generator is running, the built-in battery charger charges the battery, giving you practically infinite range. This is complemented by the 2 fuel tanks located inside the wheels. Charger: On board, there is a built-in pulse charger with an adjustable charging current. Up to 15 amperes of electricity can be used to recharge the battery while the vehicle is moving or parked. Inverter: The bike comes with a built-in inverter that allows you to power electric tools and other electrical appliances up to 3000W. Brakes: The bike features a hydraulic brake system on both wheels with a disc diameter of 190mm. 


Motors 2 x 1kw

Charger 15-30amp Alloy Fast Charger

Range 50km

Max Speed 50km/h | 30mph

Weight 60.7kg | 133lbs

Battery 1.6kWh Capacity Lifepo4

2X2 Ultra Bike
  • $ 15,000.00