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Astan Bike

Astan Bike 7-Speed With Disc Brake

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Product Description

We are proud to announce that the innovative brand Astan Bike has joined forces with TheArsenale. This one of a kind bike is something that you rarely see. It features a unique and innovative design that separates it from the other bike makers. The idea started in 2014 by a talented team of designers who are passionate about innovation from Brazil. Now it has grown in a worldwide movement. All it takes to fall in love with the bike is just a ride.

ASTAN is more comfortable because wood is more flexible than metal alloy and allows it to absorb more vibrations on uneven ground. Glued with plant-based resin that protects the blades against water and solar radiation, increasing the life of the wood, and still receives layers of automotive varnish in its final finish, sealing the wood elements completely.

An innovative bike in its organic form, with a high standard of exclusivity and style. ASTAN was made to increase the relationship of humans with the environment bringing a new contrast to the city. Record your name and be unique.

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Frame, Fork, And Handlebar:

The three elements are laser cut, with high design standard, guaranteeing lightness. The ASTAN bike mounted, weighs from 12 kg depending on the accessories.

Tires and Rims:

Pirelli And Vzan

Pirelli 32mm tires. Black stainless steel rings and rings VZAN 700 x 29.0


Shimano And Velosteel

You choose the practicality of the disc brake with 7 Shimano gears or minimalism of the Velosteel pedal brake.


Selim Selle Royal. Shimano Brake Levers. Absolute steering table.

Astan Bike 7-Speed With Disc Brake
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