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ATEA is an innovative aircraft developed by Ascendance. It is a fresh concept in air transport, designed as a low-carbon, low-noise alternative to helicopters while also opening up new prospects in Regional and Decentralized Aviation. ATEA is further distinguished as the first aircraft to incorporate Ascendance's novel propulsive technology, STERNA. As a hybrid-electric eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) aircraft, ATEA caters to passenger transport, medical needs, and cargo purposes.

Unique Propulsion Technology

ATEA's distinctiveness lies in its utilization of STERNA, Ascendance's groundbreaking hybrid-electric technology. This one-of-a-kind, modular tech paves the way for a new generation of planes that offer comparable performance to current-generation aircraft while being quieter, more sustainable, and less expensive to operate. The fusion of STERNA's technology within ATEA showcases the ability to streamline the energy transition within aviation, keeping in line with passengers' expectations and global trends.

Environmentally Conscious Flight

It is built around a unique hybrid propulsion system using a combination of kerosene and batteries to optimize fuel consumption thus reducing carbon emissions by up to 80%. This innovative aircraft not only facilitates efficient flight through its modular architecture but also sets the stage for the advancement towards hydrogen-powered aircraft and Sustainable Aviation Fuel. The shift to these alternative energy sources will further minimize the carbon footprint by eliminating all emissions during flight.

Leading the Future of Aviation

ATEA, the first aircraft with STERNA inside, is designed to lead by example. Its strikingly low noise production and low carbon emissions make it a preferred alternative to the traditional helicopter. Furthermore, ATEA's inception represents a unique opportunity for the growth and evolution of Regional and Decentralized Aviation. The aircraft's existence underscores Ascendance's dedication to promoting more sustainable aviation through concrete actions rather than mere words.

Distance, Performance, and Safety

Developed to offer a sustainable alternative to conventional aviation while maintaining a remarkable level of performance, ATEA supports regional or inter-city trips up to 2 hours and over 400km. The aircraft also meets the same stringent safety requirements as conventional aviation with additional safety measures such as a design ensuring a safe landing in case of a single failure. The hybrid propulsion system’s dual energy sources also add redundancy to further enhance safety and operational range.


Capacity 5 seats

Cruise speed 200 km/h

Range 400 km

Maximum flight time 2 hours

Turnaround time 10 minutes

Maximum take-off weight 2,000kg

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