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Aurora 6S

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Submarine Description

The AURORA 6S is a 6 crew (1 pilot and 5 passengers) submarine, like no other of its kind. Designed and created by SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation to be the "Submarine" that can be used for any situation. From underwater exploration all the way to filming underwater movies or documentaries. It has a maximum depth rating of 300m to 1000m and is used by companies such as Nation Geographic, BBC, and many more for underwater filming. The Aurora-6 is, thus far, the crowning jewel of their never-ending drive to create the ultimate underwater experience for sea-adventurers via this new vessel’s unbelievable field of view, spacious environment, exceptionally easy boarding and exiting arrangement, and its unparalleled safety and comfort.  It features state of the art technology in the world of submersibles.

Entering the Aurora 6 and exploring the incredible nature that can be found in our oceans will leave you breathless. The design of the submarine allows for an unobstructed field of view for the pilot and passengers. The interior of the cabin is made from high-quality materials like carbon fiber and leather for maximum comfort and good ergonomics.

Build quality and performance

The submarine's main cabin is made of a special alloy that offers twice the strength of stainless steel and one of the best corrosion-resistant metal that exists today. This special metal makes possible to have a very large entry hatch compared to any other submarine in its category.

The Aurora 6S is powered by six powerful propulsion thrusters capable of outputting a top speed of 3-knots. The movement is controlled by a single joystick allowing unmatched agility that offers smooth starting and stopping. 

Safety Matters

Lastly but most importantly are the safety features. The Aurora 6S is designed to be positively buoyant at all times when underwater. The vessel will gently rise up and float to the surface. This is controlled two vertically oriented propeller thrusters that push the sub down and control the depth. If the submarine losses power of the propulsion system turns off it will start rising up.

The Aurora-6 is equipped with the latest subsea technology for underwater communication, sonar, navigation, robotic manipulator arm, powerful underwater lights, and HD camera filming.

All of these features and more than 25-years of submersible expertise make the Aurora 6S one of the most capable and secure submarines in the market.

The company 

SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation is a California based company established in 1995 and a leading manufacturer of small manned submersibles with over 12,000 dives accumulated by its existing fleet with a perfect safety record. All SEAmagine submersibles are classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and are based on the company's patented technologies that provide excellent surface stability as well as superior underwater performance. SEAmagine’s submersibles have been used in scientific, commercial, and superyacht sectors and have also been used in National Geographic, BBC, and other numerous film projects. SEAmagine has a solid and long track record in reliability and practicality in both the professional and superyachts markets.

Included with AURORA 6S

  • ABS or DNV-GL Classification
  • Underwater Communication System for Private Submersible and Topside
  • Topside USBL (Ultra-Short Baseline) Private Sub Tracking Hand Carry Console
  • Dual Frequency Forward Looking Sonar
  • Powerful Underwater LED Flood Lights
  • Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) Navigation on Personal Submersible
  • USBL GPS Navigation Software on Private Submersible
  • External Wet Joystick for Surface Handling
  • Custom Submarine Battery Charger
  • Color Customized to Client's Request


Length 4.33 m (170 in)
Width 3.30 m (130 in)
Height 2.50 m (98 in)
Dry Weight 7500 Kg to 9100 Kg ( 16,500-20,000 lbs)
Cabin Payload 600 Kg (1320 lbs)
Hatch Diameter 0.75 m (30 inches)
Hoist Arrangement Single Point Hoist

Maximum Speed 3 Knots
Propulsion Type DC Electric, Venturi Shaped Thrusters
Horizontal Propulsion 4 x 10HP Thrusters
Vertical Propulsion 2 x 10HP Thrusters
Propulsion Mission Time 8 Hours

Mission Time 8 Hours
Reserve Capacity 96 Hours
Oxygen Monitoring Dual O2 Sensors
CO2 Monitoring Dual CO2 Sensors
Oxygen Delivery System Flow Control
Backup Breathing Systems Standalone Independent Units

Battery Type Lithium Type
Total Power Capacity 40 KWH
Charging Time 2 Hours

Aurora 6S
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