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Awake VINGA 3

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Effortless Mastery of eFoiling

The Awake VINGA 3 is the epitome of versatility, designed to cater to both aspiring eFoilers and seasoned riders. With its innovative features and intuitive design, this electric hydrofoil empowers users to quickly develop their skills and unlock the true joy of eFoiling. Whether you're a beginner seeking a forgiving and stable platform or an experienced rider craving a thrilling and agile ride, the VINGA 3 delivers an unparalleled experience on the water.

Uncompromising Safety and Comfort

Safety is the cornerstone of the Awake VINGA 3's design. Featuring the brand's exclusive shielded jet propulsion system, the eFoil prioritizes rider protection, minimizing the risk of injury during falls or encounters. Additionally, the VINGA 3 is powered by Awake's renowned Flex Battery, the industry's safest power source, ensuring a secure and reliable ride. Comfort is equally paramount, with the board's soft grip pad and ergonomic design providing a smooth and enjoyable eFoiling experience.

Unparalleled Convenience and Versatility

The Awake VINGA 3 revolutionizes the eFoiling experience with its innovative Click-to-Ride system, allowing riders to hit the water in seconds. This modular approach eliminates the need for complex setup, streamlining the preparation process and enabling you to spend more time soaring above the waves. The VINGA 3's comprehensive design features make it a versatile choice, catering to a broad spectrum of riders and conditions, ensuring an unforgettable eFoiling adventure every time.


  • Top Speed: 50 km/h
  • Dimensions: 170 x 70 x 17 cm
  • Riding Time: Up to 120 minutes
  • Weight (Excluding Battery): 20 kg
  • Volume: 95 L
  • Mast Height: 70 cm / 27.5"
  • Charging Time: Up to 120 minutes
  • Propulsion: Linear Jet System

What's in the Box?

  • Awake VINGA 3 eFoil Board
  • Awake Flex Battery
  • Awake Flex Hand Controller
  • Awake Power Key
  • Awake Flex Battery Charger
  • Awake Flex Hand Controller Charger
  • Awake VINGA Board Bag Kit

Awake VINGA 3
  • Flex Battery SR up to 1h 20 min foiling (1.9 kWh) - $ 13,900.00
  • Flex Battery XR up to 2h foiling (2.9 kWh) - $ 16,000.00