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Unmatched Performance and Design

The Awake VINGA S is the pinnacle of eFoil technology, developed for those who demand nothing less than the best. Engineered for experienced eFoilers, this eFoil offers an unparalleled blend of power, control, and responsiveness. Its compact 137 cm hull design ensures maximum maneuverability, allowing riders to push the boundaries of speed and agility. Featuring an enclosed jet propulsion system, the VINGA S offers more secure and precise turns, enabling you to experience eFoiling at its most exhilarating.

Innovative Features for Peak Performance

Every aspect of the VINGA S has been meticulously designed to streamline performance and enhance high-speed capabilities. It offers a low volume of 60 liters, guaranteeing maximum freedom and control on the water. The Awake's innovative Click-to-Ride system ensures the fastest eFoil assembly, minimizing the hassle commonly associated with screws, hatches, and cables. Additionally, the Awake Flex Battery system is a modular solution that extends the eFoil’s riding time and allows compatibility with other Awake electric surfboards, giving you unmatched flexibility.

Safety and Personalization at Its Core

Safety remains at the forefront of Awake's innovation, with features such as customizable rider modes and a completely enclosed propulsion system to protect against contact with the impeller. The VINGA S also boasts a "return-to-shore" function and extensive system monitoring to ensure every ride is secure. Riders can personalize their eFoil with different foot strap options, ranging from unrestricted, strapless movement to full-strap freestyle riding. This eFoil ensures that every moment on the water is tailored to your preferences, combining peak performance with ultimate safety.


  • Riding Time: Up to 1h20 (Flex Battery SR), Up to 2h (Flex Battery XR)
  • Top Speed: 50 km/h
  • Weight (excluding battery): 19 kg
  • Mast Height: 70 cm
  • Charging Time: Up to 1h20
  • Volume: 60 L
  • Dimensions: 140 x 60 x 15 cm
  • Propulsion: Linear Jet System

What's in the Box

  • Awake VINGA S eFoil
  • Awake Flex Battery (SR or XR)
  • Awake Flex Battery Charger
  • Awake Power Key Leash
  • Awake Flex Hand Controller
  • Awake Flex Hand Controller Charger
  • Awake VINGA Board Bag Kit

  • Flex Battery SR up to 1h 20 min foiling (1.9 kWh) - $ 14,900.00
  • Flex Battery XR up to 2h foiling (2.9 kWh) - $ 17,000.00