Bandit9 Eve Alchemist-Bandit Nine-TheArsenale
Limited Edition

Bandit9 Eve Alchemist

Daryl Villanueva from Bandit9 doesn't give any damn to actual conventions in the custom culture, he does his thing, and he does it well, this Alchemist is an illustration.

$ 37,000.00
Released by Bandit Nine

The Alchemist

Sometimes, you have to go to Ho-Chi-Minh City in Vietnam to find something that goes beyond custom culture boundaries.

This thing is named Bandit9, and its owner has a unique vision, combined with pure skills.

Starting from common bikes you can find in Vietnam, he creates complete pieces of art that can still be ridden.

This Bandit9 Eve Alchemist started its life has a Honda Supersport 125, to become this piece of jewelry. Everything here is handcrafted to perfection.

Built on order

Built on order, up to 3 months for delivery.

Bandit9 Eve Alchemist-Bandit Nine-TheArsenale


Builder Bandit9

Model Alchemist

Bodywork Handcrafted steel unibody

Displacement 125cc

Color Champagne Gold plating

Bandit9 Eve Alchemist-Bandit Nine-TheArsenale

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