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Workhorse Speedshop

BMW RnineT "Valvoline" by Workhorse Speedshop

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The 80s were the peak of the motorcycling industry; companies were fighting over creating the craziest bike and some of the most iconic ones were the lean, muscular and athletic bikes. Naked bodies with big engines ready to tear the street were all the buzz in the 1980s scene. So how do you bring that iconic look to the modern world?

Starting with the donor bike, the BMW RnineT is an iconic urban motorcycle with the lovable BMW boxer engine to start. Workhorse Speedshop wanted to build something aggressive with an agile, upright driving position that also allowed him to reverse all of the modifications. The flat tracker look was overplayed and the bike is not really suitable for that configuration so he looked over at 80's AMA superbikes to draw inspiration. Its owner was really involved with racing culture for years now and they decided to give the bike as much racing DNA as possible. So not only did they borrow classic racing styling, they also painted the motorcycle based on a Lola indy car livery. Sponsored by Valvoline, the bike ended up looking like a beast that somehow escaped the racing track.

Both the engine and frame are untouched, which makes all the modifications reversible. Atop the fuel tank, an upper frame is bolted on the OEM tank mount and the OEM tail. The new fuel tank is fully aluminum and features a Racefit fuel filler and an Earl's Performance breather. The cooler is also by Earl's Performance. First, the seat was shaped in aluminum then was covered by Silvermachine of Amsaterdam in Alcantara®.  In the back, the original subframe is covered by the new aluminum one that comes with an integrated LED stop light. The front is locked by a spider bolt on. Both the oil cooler and front plates are connected on the frame to give the fork freedom of movement. Front brakes have been replaced with Brembo M4 brakes that are activated by Brembo RCS19 master cylinder which also replaced the clutch lever. The fork went through a secret treatment inspired by the dark side of the moon. The exhaust pipes are stainless steel pieces made in-house paired with superlight Tyga mufflers. 

If you're asking why the bike has a 163 number painted on its livery; it's the number of the first BMW motorcycle who won an AMA Superbike Championship back in 1976. Best of all, due to the nature of the modifications; the bike is still under the BMW Motorrad warranty. 

BMW RnineT "Valvoline" by Workhorse Speedshop
  • $ 38,000.00