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Delage D12

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The Delage D12 marks the official return of the legendary French automaker under the lead of Laurent Tapie. It is a posthumous dream come true for Monsieur Louis Delage to build a road-going car with a V12 engine and is appropriately called the D12.


It's easy to understand the heavy influence of F1 design on the car, starting from the central driving position to the near hourglass-like shape of the body that makes the car visually dynamic and provoking. The lines of the D12 are a testimony of its dedication to aerodynamics, prioritizing the car's ability to cut through the air like a hot knife through butter. Its driving position is reminiscent of a fighter jet, and the passenger sits directly behind you. Even entering the car will make you feel like a pilot, as the canopy lifts up allowing you to sit on your road-going race car. 


The V12 engine that powers the D12 is an in-house developed and manufactured unit that was created with the input of multiple engineers and racing champions. It is a naturally aspirated 7.6L unit with a power output of 1,010 horsepower and for the GT version, it comes paired with an electric motor that brings the power value up to 1,100 hp with a slight weight penalty. Mated to a specially built 8-speed automatic single-clutch transmission, the D12 delivers blistering fast power. 


The purpose of the D12 is to set the Nurburgring lap record for a production car and everything about the car has been designed to achieve this goal. It uses a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, bodywork, and wheels. The wheels themselves are specially designed to funnel cold air into the brakes. All these parts have been kept as light as possible to give the car an edge on the race track. 

Engine NA 7.6L V12

Transmission 8 Speed Automatic

Power 1,100HP/1,010HP

Chassis Monocoque Carbon Fiber

Weight 1,400 KG/ 1,309 KG


Delage D12
  • $ 2,300,000.00