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Ehang AAV

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The future of transportation is in the air. It is just around the corner and it will revolutionize the way we move around. Ehang is bringing the revolution of urban air mobility to fruition with their AAV. 

Passenger-grade AAV

The Ehang AAV offers an incredible advantage over traditional manned aircraft. It is based on three main philosophies. Full redundancy of all components to ensure the safety of passengers at all times. Autonomous piloting of the vehicle, requiring no human input and thus reducing the human error factor to zero. An intelligent command and control center, that allows a specialized team to monitor all AAVs and in emergency cases, take control if needed. This smart way to move around is not only secure, but it's also eco-friendly and offers the most efficient way to move around in low-altitude flights.

Connected Technology

The Ehang AAV carries out its flights in an entirely autonomous fashion and therefore eliminates all the possibilities of man-made errors. There is no concern about piloting the aircraft, giving passengers the experience of simply enjoying their flight. Flight routes are calculated in advance and the passengers are offered multiple routes to choose from. Thanks to its 4G/5G connection, it will always be connected to the command & control center that enables remote control and uninterrupted flow of flight data. 


One of Ehang's greatest advantages is its VTOL capability, meaning that it will need little to no infrastructural changes being made to cities to accommodate this new method of transportation. It is also powered by electric motors to keep it as eco-friendly as possible while also minimizing noise. In only 1 hour, you can give the AAV a full charge via a 220V or 380V power supply. Charging devices communicate directly with the aircraft's Battery Management System. All flight systems and hardware has multiple redundant parts, ensuring passenger safety at all times. 

Height 1.77m

Width 5.61m

Payload 220kg

Range 35km (Max Payload)

Top Speed 130 km/h


Ehang AAV
  • $ 400,000.00