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Serge Rusak

Enoki by Serge Rusak

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« Structure - What guides the eye, what directs the hand, what is at the heart of vision is consistency and intuition to slowly, progressively create a coherent object. This internal structure can support our paradox. It can fill the power of our madness; make it sublime, delicate and pure, white. »

Michaël Ferire

The Designer

Fascinated by accuracy, essentiality and aesthetic, a clear vision is certainly what best characterizes Serge Rusak. His work tends to translate user insights and emerging trends into innovative human experiences supported by visual iconic products. With his creative approach to design based on an intuitive and emotional level, he has a very clear vision and precise understanding of the inner qualities a product needs to have. He is also the type of designer that pays attention to every little detail of a project in order to make the best overall product.


Enoki is a sculptural diner table made in Corian®.

Its elegant and timeless aesthetic is the result of some researches on material and its intrinsic properties’ valorization. Mainly CNC machined, all the different parts are glued together, without any visible shutlines, which creates a monolithic, monochrome and single material visual aspect.
The table seems to be sculpted in one piece, out of a precious Corian® mass, unalterable material destined to turn it into a classic piece of furniture.
From the aesthetic point of view, the extreme visual lightness and the subtle asymmetry are an allegory to nature, illustrating the natural exploit of maintaining a fragile balance while optimizing essential resources and needed materials.

The off-centered foot seems to support the whole table, sculpting the main surfaces in an organic way while the delicate strips give some structural rhythm to the lower part of the table top. And a light tray finally seems to levitate above the table, to improve the visual harmony and balance of the whole architecture.

*Enoki is a thin, long-stemmed and tiny-capped white mushroom.

Material: Corian Mass

CNC Machined

Made in Belgium 

Limited to 1

Enoki by Serge Rusak
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