Felix Monza x TheArsenale - Moto Rocker

Felix Monza x TheArsenale - Moto Rocker

For our latest collaboration, we teamed up with the prestigious industrial design studio "Felix Monza" to create a special product for your motorcycle enthusiast child. The toy will be also on display in TheArsenale Macau and Miami Store.

$ 1,500.00
Released by TheArsenale Edition

The Studio

The talented German-based studio is specialized in product manufacturing and industrial design. We took this unique opportunity to create "TheArsenale" themed cafe racer celebrating the opening of our Macau Concept Store. It is the perfect gift for any child that is fascinated by the two-wheeled machines.

"Industrial Design Done Right"

Moto Rocker

Moto Rocker is the perfect gift for your bike enthusiast kid. The bike has the same characteristics as a normal motorcycle. A downscaled version built with high-quality materials. The Moto Rocker is suitable for children aged 1 and a half to 4 yet can support up to 50 kilos.  The bike comes with preassembled with the exception of the handlebar that can be mounted very easily in no time. The seat is handmade from genuine leather. Also, it features a powder-coated frame along with waxed leather for the seat.

Felix Monza x TheArsenale - Moto Rocker


Length 875 mm

Width 300 mm

Height 500 mm

Weight 6 Kg

Materials Steel, Leather, Bio-Plastic

Felix Monza x TheArsenale - Moto Rocker

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