FRX 1 Trail Bike
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FRX 1 Trail Bike

Have you ever wanted a machine that could perform extremely well in all terrains? Enter the FRX 1 by UBCO, the ultimate performance electric bike. Thanks to its smart design and top-level engineering, the bike feels at home at any kind of terrain. 

Pre-order yours today! The first bikes should be arriving late this year.

$ 10,000.00
Released by UBCO


The FRX 1 bike is built on top of a unique frame - a lightweight and durable design. The tubular frame characterizes the clean and minimal look of the FRX 1.

Tucked in the swingarm pivot point, the mid-drive motor offers a low center of gravity and also the best possible suspension performance.


The mid-drive motor by Neematic dramatically decreases sprung mass and sprung inertia. The suspension compression is independent of the swingarm and the bike can absorb massive jumps. A permanent-magnet brushless motor delivers 15 kW of maximum power in an unrivaled capacity.


FRX 1 uses the latest in battery technology. The high tech Lithium-ion 2.2 kWh battery pack offers a range of up to 100km and delivers instant torque. You can remove the battery and it can charge fully in 2.5 hours from a standard electric socket.

Neematic Electric Bike-Neematic-TheArsenale

Transmission Pinion P1.9R + 9 real gears for pedaling

Rear shocks FOX with adjustable compression and rebound

Front shocks Fox 40 - 203 mm of travel

Brakes Hope Tech 3 V4

Neematic Electric Bike-Neematic-TheArsenale

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