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Tamarit Motorcycles

Gullwing by Tamarit Motorcycles

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A worthy Tribute to the '50s.


By creating this breathtaking 2-wheeler Tamarit Motorcycles pays tribute to one of the most iconic cars in automotive history, the Mercedes Benz Gullwing. According to Tamarit's philosophy, there are two kind of outstanding vehicles, the beautiful and the iconic. Considering that Tamarit is the top of the Triumph builders worldwide, their bet is on the engine-powered treasures.


On the first sketches for the motorcycle’s design, round shapes were drawn to emulate the Mercedes Benz icon and all the components of the vehicle were thoroughly studied; from the rear doors to the lines that gave the car most of the popularity. The main feature was obviously the “wings”. That is why the raising of the one-piece body by hydraulics was the first thing to be included, just like the Mercedes doors and the classic tires that provide the vintage feeling.

Tamarit always refuses to make the same bike twice, but for this special occasion, a 9 unit limited series will be released with the same colors that the German brand used for the sports car.

A motorcycle crafted for classic-engine lovers, for those who want to fly as the Mercedes did back in the 50s.

Classic Technology

The Tamarit Gullwing has some common elements such as proximity start, hydraulic one-piece body, KN power filters, and Motogadget devices. Some other changes include: chromed dampers, custom aluminum triple tee, Kustom Tech levers and brake cylinders, modified frame, redesign of the oil radiator inside the chassis, and disassembly and reassembly of the engine with fortified parts.


Power 78 HP

Engine Triumph Thruxton 900cc

Bodywork One-piece hydraulic bodywork

Standard European road/street legal certificate

Seat Gel cushion seat

Filters KN Power Filters

Exhaust Improved Intake Exhausts

ECU Motogadget devices and ECU

Suspension Hagon Nitro Shock absorbers

Tires Victory Classic TT

Brake Discs Galfer 

Gullwing by Tamarit Motorcycles
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