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Herencia Custom Garage

Honda CB650 Tracker #26

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Herencia Custom Garage is well known for the quality of their builds and this CB650 tracker is no exception.

Federico and German wanted to maintain the essence of Honda while performing a series of upgrades that would make the bike perform better. An inverted Beta suspension with disc brakes was installed in the front. A Koso digital speedometer and Japanese mini-switches are installed in the minimal dash of the bike.

The old carburetors are replaced with four Keihin CRs with K&N filters. Despite replacing the exhaust with a handmade stainless steel one, they maintained its iconic muffler design because it's an impeccable characteristic of this motorcycle. An Antigravity lithium battery was installed and the coils are replaced with a Dynatek set connected by NGK cables. 

The body was slightly altered with a few modifications being made in the subframe. Upholstery is custom made and the seat is also fabricated. The tires are made by Coker.

Honda CB650 Tracker #26
  • $ 43,138.00