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Kapitano Luggage

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Kapitano offers tailor made luggage with a huge range of customization, from the exterior to the interior layout. The designer and you work hand in hand to create your unique piece. This luggage comes with a base price of 3,500 EUR and it costs 500 EUR for each size up. Bespoke orders receive a price estimate when the request is made.

The Kapitano Koncept

What do you exactly get with Kapitano? A completely bespoke experience. A unique journey of developing your inseparable travel partner. Kapitano is inspired by the 60s. Those times were the ages of experimentation; especially in transport, fashion and music. Creative exploration has driven Kapitano towards becoming the most unique luggage available. Created using classic techniques, it maintains a classy profile for the nautical romantic man.

The Kreation

 All the luggages start from a birch wood frame that is reinforced with brass hardware. Eight hundred brass nails are then hammered into the frame, ensuring structural integrity. The elegant wooden frame is then covered with the highest quality leather in the color of choice. Leather straps are then installed and untextured leather is used on the corners. The corners are then reinforced with gold plated brass and combination locks are installed for extra security. In the bottom, you can find high-density rubber wheels with gold plated casings and a retractable puller made of gold plated aluminium.  The puller also features a 


Kapitano luggage starts with the most important details first; tailoring the luggage to your requirements. The client can customize everything in the luggage and optimize it for his travels. You can create your own interior layout with pockets. Feeling creative? Customize the exterior/interior colors to create a unique color palette. The interior offers an extensive list of options that include custom pockets, interior bags, shelves and even hidden compartments. The sky is the limit. A waterproof sartorial wool fabric is used on the interior to protect your belongings from splash damage.

Exterior Materials Leather, Brass, Aluminium

Interior Materials Water resistant sartorial wool

Weight 5.5kg

Length 55cm

Width 35cm

Height 25cm



Kapitano Luggage
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