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KikFin Pro


Soar like a shark through the water with the KikFin Pro, a cutting-edge jetpack uniquely designed for underwater exploration. The KikFin Pro comes equipped with three fin-shaped motorized jets, providing you with unparalleled control and stability through its user-friendly, single-button hand-wearable remote. Experience the freedom and exhilaration of moving through the water at an incredible speed.

Retail Price: $10,400

Coming in 2024

Your First Electrical Wings

For the first time in the Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) market, you can jump off a dock, boat, or even a cliff and seamlessly transition into underwater flight with our electrical wings. The KikFin Pro’s innovative design is inspired by ocean mammals, featuring pectoral-shaped motorized fins that allow you to mimic the swift, agile movements of dolphins, providing an immersive underwater experience.

Bio-Mimic Engineering

We took inspiration from ocean mammals to design this innovative jet pack that uses two pectoral-shaped motorized fins. This enables users to perform quick maneuvers underwater, capturing the free and dynamic sensation of diving like a dolphin.

Innovative Remote Control

The KikFin Pro features an innovative, single-button remote control that is hand-wearable, freeing up both hands for other tasks. This underwater wireless control allows you to switch between 5 different speeds and pairs with up to 10 KikFins for various applications.

Hands-Free Operation

Introducing the first completely hands-free underwater jetpack on the market. This feature allows you to use both hands for other tasks, such as grabbing gear or assisting in rescue situations. You can paddle faster to reach your destination or cover larger distances with ease. Full directional control can be achieved effortlessly through slight head movements, thanks to the special wings mechanism, with speeds reaching up to 2.6 meters per second.

Explore New Depths

Engineered to operate under challenging conditions and pressure, the KikFin Pro is designed to withstand the depths of up to 40 meters, allowing you to explore underwater environments like never before.

Underwater Battery Replacement

Enhance your underwater sessions with the ability to replace your battery without interrupting your activities. The IP68 sealed rechargeable lithium-ion battery is robust enough for marine environments. The battery is designed in a fin shape to facilitate cooling, significantly extending its lifespan, and provides a working time of 45-70 minutes.

Smart App Integration

Stay safe and informed with the KikFin Pro's accompanying app, which offers functionalities such as setting alerts or stopping the motors upon reaching a certain depth. You can also track your location, speed, and performance throughout your sessions. (App availability coming soon.)

In the Box:

  • 3 x Fin (batteries)
  • 3 x Engine
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 6 x Screws
  • 1 x Quality Certificate
  • 1 x Remote Charger
  • 1 x Smart Vest
  • $1500 (DEPOSIT) - $ 1,500.00