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George Woodman Garage

"La Chute" Honda SS50

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Built for the "Copita Race" of Wheels & Waves, 2017 taking place in Biarritz, France; "La Chute" is based on a 1972 Honda SS50. 

"La Chute" means "The Fall" in French but the word also stands for the wood pieces that remain after the blocks used for furniture are taken out. The wooden parts of the bike have been built with the long forgotten "la chute" pieces found in George Woodman's garage.

The engine however was replaced with a beefed up 190cc Daytona engine. It was built and tuned by one of the best French mechanics for these engines, Stomp 777. A unique handmade swingarm was installed to be compatible with the 18" dragster back tire. The front fork and wheel were also custom made to fit a Honda Dream disc brake. 

Original handlebars were replaced with racing ones that uses simplified equipment. Footpegs and controls are replaced with fixed ones in the swingarm; giving a sensation of a rigid frame. The frame is still stock but the rear was slightly modified to accommodate the new seat fixations. To make it more aggressive, the original tank was moved elsewhere. In the front, a cool yellow front light with a "Smiley" graphic is mounted and the rear has a small red light on the seat.

"La Chute" Honda SS50
  • $ 22,185.00