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Mako Slingshot Jetboard

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Evolutionary Water Experience

The Mako Slingshot is made to improve your leisure time as much as possible. Sailing in your yachts, in the full comfort of the loaded-up deck will get a bit monotonous after a while. For those adventurous spirits looking to hit the surface of water themselves, Mako has created the perfect board to bring emotion, thrill and adrenaline rush to everyone. Its sportive riding is perfectly able to adapt for rush rides through waves or calming cruising above the calm, flat surface of the water. When even the most exotic boat cruises become everyday, Mako is there to spice up your marine life. 

Design Inspiration

Being a vehicle dedicated to water sports, the Slighshot draws inspiration from marine biology. The biomimicry is taken further with the muscular, liquid bodywork that is streamlined evolutionarily to glide through water like its natural habitat. This torpedo-shaped body is further enriched with design lines in the rear, thick muscular sections that keep the driving force in line with the wave-breaching front. A predator in its own class, the Slingshot is what a shark would look like if it was built in a state-of-the-art factory in carbon fiber. 

Technology & Build

Built atop the ultimate jetboard technology, the Slingshot is a carbon-fiber surfboard equipped with a jet propulsion system. The Rotron XT1100 propulsion system uses a direct drive axial-flow water-jet pump that creates instant traction on the water. The high revving 993mm three blade impeller is built out aerospace materials that make for incredible strength and rigidity. The water passess through a twisted stator module that keeps the thrust under control and makes it incredibly easy to steer around. 

The Slingshot is a single structure, a monocoque hull that uses carbon fiber to keep weight to a minimum. Thanks to its design, it feels like a shortboard. It's incredibly easy to maneuver the board around water thanks to the narrow front that pierces through water and then stabilizes it in the fuller rear section. Thanks to the perfectly placed planes for your feet, you will feel an instant traction when riding it that will give you confidence through the waves. 


Size + Weight

DIMENSIONS 335 mm x 156.4 mm x 123 mm (13 in x 6.2 in x 4.8 in)
WEIGHT 5 kg (11 lbs) - Dry

Engine Type

ENGINE XT100 proprietary single cylinder 2-stroke
MANUFACTURER Rotron Power - Made in Britain
FUEL Unleaded 95 octane or higher/Full synthetic 2-stroke oil - 50:1
BATTERY 11.2v Lithium ion pack


PEAK POWER 12 hp @ 7800 rpm
PEAK TORQUE 10 lbs @ 6400 rpm
MAX SPEED 34 mph (55 kph)


CYLINDER HEAD CNC machined billet
CRANKSHAFT EN24 crank webs with stainless steel seal collars
BORE / STROKE 50 mm (2 in) / 50 mm (2 in)
COOLING Open loop liquid cooled
IGNITION Rotron ICU CDI unit, total loss multi-spark discharge system
INLET SYSTEM Crankcase ported with carbon reed valve block
FUEL SYSTEM 14mm diaphragm carburettor
STARTER 12v DC motor with integrated sprag bearing lubrication
EXHAUST Aluminium liquid cooled race-tuned muffler unit

Package Information

1 x Mako Slingshot Jetboard

1 x Centre Fin

2 x FCS side fins

1 x Quick install battery pack

1 x Battery charger

1 x Tool kit

2 x Wriststraps with shut-off pins

1 x Board bag

1 x Changing robe

1 x Operator's guide 

Mako Slingshot Jetboard
  • $ 12,200.00