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Osiris by Tamarit Motorcycles

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The 91st project for the Tamarit Workshop came from the city of Elda. This was a project where the client input was crucial in transforming the bike. The client was able to explain his needs on how the transformation of the bike would happen. What they managed to achieve in the end was truly unique and breathtaking.

Latest generation technological components

For the final build the Motogadget speedometer had to be included but this time it has been embedded in the tank for a minimalist finish. It is also worth mentioning the incorporation of the Motogadget control knobs and turn signals.

Tamarit Workshop is always looking for the best optimization of their motorcycles and the control units work as the brain of the motorcycles, so for this project, they included the Motogadget control unit, the most complete in the motorcycle market. Due to its features and the App, the motorcycle can be completely monitored through the client's smartphone.

Classic aesthetics and enhanced riding performance

The unique system of Kineo wheels provides a classic look infused with the best riding and safety improvements. The Kineo rims are made of aluminum using a unique CNC pressure machining process, sealed, and with a durable finish.

Along with the rims, the 5/4 mm double crimped spokes are produced by lathing high-strength materials and then galvanized to resist corrosion.


As the base of this transformation a Bonneville T100 engine has been used, one of the most versatile and emblematic of the British brand. One of the elements that highlight the sound of carburation is the exhaust, which has been painted black with ceramic baked paint, a material resistant to high temperatures and very durable. Osiris has been nickel graphite plated on its engine block, a complex technique but one that ensures a unique result for an elegant motorcycle, but with more extreme details. 

One of the requirements of project 91 was that it should be a two-seater motorcycle since the owner often travels with a passenger. For this reason, Tamarit opted for a Brat Style that was comfortable but at the same time mixed with other more aggressive components. At this point we can highlight the 16-inch front and rear wheels of Kineo; or the straight handlebars that provide comfort, but also brings strength to the aesthetic part.

Other improvements 

Custom design of a side floating license plate holder that maintains the necessary inclination for homologation.

Chassis has been cut to preserve the Brat Style aesthetics but allows the incorporation of a dual seat.

Speedster exhausts are painted in black ceramic baked-on paint.

The rear light Led is embedded in the chassis providing a more minimalist look.

In addition to the engine covers, the seat posts and springs have also been plated in graphite nickel.

    Osiris by Tamarit Motorcycles
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