PG x BUGATTI Bike-PG x Bugatti-TheArsenale
Under 5kg


Developed by PG, designed by Bugatti and manufactured by Kussmaul; the PG x Bugatti bike is the world's ultimate bicycle; weighing less than 5kgs and limited to 667 units.

$ 55,000.00
Released by PG x Bugatti

The Concept

PG wanted to build one of the world's most technologically advanced bikes. Designed to be the lightest urban bike in the world, there really was only one material choice; carbon fiber. 95% of the bike is made out of carbon fiber, resulting in an incredibly light yet strong frame. 


Being crafted out of the perfect blend of both worlds, automotive and bicycling; the PG bike is a freak show of features. All the cross sections of the bike are oversized to ensure the maximum rigidity of the frame. A vertical shock absorption bar is installed in the handlebar to improve ride quality and comfort. All of the components are built out of high tensible fibre, ensuring longevity. To guarantee the lightest weight possible, all components are handcrafted out of carbon using prepreg materials and aeronautical fabrication methods. 

A tailored experience

Being a collaboration with Bugatti, PG Bikes offers customized finishing preferences by request. If you happen to own a Bugatti, you can request a finishing layout to match your car. A set of special paints, color coated carbon, numerous types of leather and the Bugatti pearl make the PG bike the perfect companion to your 1,500 HP Chiron.

PG x BUGATTI Bike-PG x Bugatti-TheArsenale

Material Carbon Fiber

Weight Under 5kg 

Production run Limited to 667 Pieces

Manufacturer Kussmaul

Design Bugatti

Development PG Bikes

PG x BUGATTI Bike-PG x Bugatti-TheArsenale

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