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PikiP Booth

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Pikip Solar prides itself in meeting the ever-evolving needs in the event industry, and to do so, we design and manufacture high-quality acoustic material with unequaled assembly time and which is entirely energy self-sufficient.

PikiP Booth

This amazing project from the French-based company allows you to take the party wherever you go without any compromise. PikiP Booth is impressively effective, solar power and batteries guarantee energy supply, day and night. This allows you to offer exceptional acoustic quality for more than 500 dancing people with a system that is surprisingly easy to use.

The system use of pavilions creates Naturally Impactful Acoustics which is the ultimate principle of natural amplification. It brings energy, precision, and power to the sound identity. The PikiP Booth is designed and produced in Paris. It is built by orders and it takes 30 to 60 for one to be produced.

Acoustic Features

• Full range, stand alone enclosure
• 40-20000 Hz response (+/-6dB)
• Fully horn loaded
• Bass reflex enclosure
• Birch plywood
• LF : 2 x neodymium high output drivers 15‘’
• HF : 1 x compression drivers 2’’ + 4 x bullet 1’’
• RTN : 1 x neodymium drivers 6,5’’ + bullet 1’’
• Power handling : FRONT 2540 W / RTN 330 W (continuous program power capacity @ 3 dB greater than Nominal rating)
• 132dB SPL max @ 1 meter using pink noise with 6dB crest factor
• Nominal coverage Angle (H° x V) - 6 db 100° x 60° 

Integrated Amplifier Features

• Green Audio Power Technology
• Amplifier class D - Three Channels
• LF 700Wrms / HF 350Wrms / RTN+AUX 350Wrms @ 4 ohm (EIAJ ) 1kHz, 1% THD)
• Input impedance 10k ohm
• Frequency response : 10Hz - 22kHz
• S/N ratio : >98 dBa
• Max level input : +8 dBu (balanced, <1% THD)
• XLR analog input / SPEAKON ouput
• Distortion : 0,05% (THD, DIM, SMPTE)
• Operating temperature -5°C to 50°C / Active fan
• Protection over-under voltage
• 4 acoustic presets provided
• Configurable with SIGMA STUDIO


375W-700Wc AC @230V or 110V

Auto Power Supply Photovoltaic 330Wc MADE IN E.U.

Converter, Regulator, Battery  MADE IN E.U.

20h Autonomy Without-Sun

State of Charge Controller

Bluetooth Connection - iOS, Android

PikiP Booth
  • $ 21,500.00