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Q2S Electric Limited Edition

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Here at TheArsenale we are always seeking to find the best machines in the world. The Quadrofoil Q2S Electric is no exception. It is the most technologically advanced machine of its kind.

Q2S Description

With its unprecedented power output and a design that can only be found in sci-fi movies, Q2S Limited Edition puts any other watercraft to shame. The powerful electric motor inside allows you to ride with a max speed of 40km/h with no sound at all. The team at Quadrofoil created something that will not stay unnoticed while preserving the environment. It comes equipped with many additional features – from a special aft platform to a pull-out string ladder and integrated electrical system for raising and lowering hydrofoils – giving the user a chance to experience the Quadrofoil Q2 in his best image. Since its release, the Q2S has been a staple in the biggest and most renowned boat shows on the planet, from Dubai to Singapore.


Motor: Every aspect of the Q2 was designed to give you a never before seen performance. The result is one of the most advanced electric motors on the market that offers a totally new and exhilarating driving experience, which delivers an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride.

Batteries: The Q2S is powered by two industry standard lithium-ion batteries with an integrated battery management system. Batteries can be easily charged using your standard 110V or 220V socket and a special charger provided by Quadrofoil.

Design of the Future: 
The state-of-the-art Q2S lightweight modular hull is built from composite materials and delivers flawless technical performance. The amazing design will not only turn heads wherever you appear but will also keep you dry due to the airtight top module which makes the Quadrofoil Q2 practically unsinkable.


Length (with outboard) 3532 mm

Length (hull) 2995 mm

Width (with foils) 2593 mm

Height 1276 mm

Total height (with foils) 2085 mm

Total vessel weight 335 kg

Total acceptable load 170 kg

Max passenger weight 2 x 75 kg

Q2S Electric Limited Edition
  • $ 65,000.00