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TheArsenale Edition

Rayvolt Ringo TheArsenale Edition

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The Rayvolt Ringo is a stylish and practical two-seater bike that combines a great look, a comfortable position, and the features of all the latest Rayvolt smart technology. It is a 1-of-1 edition in collaboration with TheArsenale.

Customization and Versatility

The Rayvolt Ringo, crafted as a stylishly post-apocalyptic looking compact bike, perfectly embodies the balance of urban sophistication and off-road ruggedness. Its compact but excellent design is built for versatility, apt for both city commutes and road explorations. The Ringo's distinctive appearance makes it a definite head-spinner – ensuring that you catch the eye wherever you ride, whether alone or with someone at the back. This comes as a 1-of-1 edition made in collaboration with TheArsenale, elevating its intrigue and allure.


The bike has a vintage yet modern look and a compact but generous design. It is post-apocalyptic looking and has all the latest Rayvolt smart technology. The bike is yellow and black in color with brown accents. Its aesthetics are amplified by the hint of vintage charm coupled with modern flair, making it a timeless piece in your biking collection. The bike has a two-seater design and is perfect for off-road and urban use.

Features and customization

On the technological front, Ringo incorporates all the latest smart technologies by Rayvolt that ensure an exquisite riding experience. Further customization options include features like a Suspension Fork, Light Kit Grill, and Mudguards. These accessories give the user the ability to create their custom biking experience in terms of comfort, convenience, and safety. The Rayvolt Ringo TheArsenale Edition, an amalgamation of top-notch innovation, comfort, and design, proves to be much more than a bike – it's an experience designed for those who crave uniqueness and superior performance on their ride. These premium features offer users a responsive, seamless, and energy-efficient biking experience for different terrains.


Motor 250W

Torque 50Nm

Range 60km

Weight 29kg

Charge Time 3.5hours

Edition 1-of-1

Rayvolt Ringo TheArsenale Edition
  • $ 6,000.00