The C2 is Carlos Salaff's interpretation of the supercar, bridging the line between fantasy and reality in an extraordinary, handbuilt vehicle.

$ 1,200,000.00
Realeased by Salaff Automotive


It's an expression of the spirit of vintage racing machines, brought to the 21st century with a futuristic design language. The exterior throws subtle hints at timeless classics such as the Peugeot 905, Ferrari 330 P4, and Porsche 917 while maintaining its iconic individuality. 

Shot by Benedict Redgrove / INK Studio.


Each of the C2 variants will be built in limited quantities, fully tailored in carbon fiber, and focused on quality and artistry. Inside the cockpit, you will find a plethora of carbon fiber and durable leather panels, machined aluminum details, and robust toggle switches.


Let's not forget that the C2 is a coachbuilt 2-seat supercar, based on a time-proven chassis, the Lamborghini Gallardo. Why is the Gallardo the car of choice? Because it's arguably the last analog supercar, a very raw car that delivers exhilarating performance. Since the driver is capable of feeling such a direct connection with the car, it makes for a perfect natural base on which to amplify these characteristics. Supercars of today have incredibly fast computers and lightning-quick dual-clutch paddle shifters, which make complete sense when out for a track record.  The C2 is not made for that, it's built for those who want to feel the pure joy of driving a supercar. The V10 delivers all its power to the back wheels, making the car tail-happy whenever you want it to. It's made for those who want to feel absolute control over the car as it instantly gives them feedback. After all, it has a glorious gated shifter which is probably one of the most satisfying things for a car enthusiast. 


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