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Set sail into the future with the Seacruiser, the stylish maestro of the Searider lineup, promising a symphony of elegance and timeless design on the water. Graceful yet powerful, the Seacruiser is more than just a vessel—it's a statement of charm and sophistication that smiles back at the ocean's vast beauty. Embrace the smooth blend of luxury and innovation as each ride with Seacruiser makes your experience distinct and memorable. Fashioned for comfort yet sculpted to impress, this aquatic marvel invites you every time to indulge in an exquisite journey that stands unparalleled in the realm of e-water mobility.


Uncompromised Performance and Comfort

With a gentle touch on the helm, grasp the ease of steering the Seacruiser, engineered for effortless handling without sacrificing the thrill of the chase. The convergence of a light frame and responsive controls gifts riders a sense of liberation only dreamt of until now. This aquatic pioneer proudly boasts a cruising speed reaching a maximum of 55 km/h while offering a generous 90-minute ride autonomy. Undoubtedly a new icon on the horizon, its innovating sensation promises never to disappoint, all the while disrupting the standards of typical water sports experiences.

Advanced Green Technology

A testament to the commitment of Searider towards a greener tomorrow, the Seacruiser integrates advanced technology with sustainable practice. Powered by dual electric motors, this vessel follows the highest standards of eco-friendliness, fortified by a universal and removable battery pack, designed for convenience and a positive environmental impact. This seamless integration of technology articulates the spirit of Searider—it's not just about where the journey takes you, but also about preserving the world that allows such ventures.

A Trustworthy Nautical Companion

Every Seacruiser is a pledge to the safety of its passengers, amalgamating industry-standard safety parameters with a design that is as user-friendly as it is intelligent. Weighing in at an optimal 70 kg and powered by a 30 HP (18kW) dual electric motor, this vessel is a statement of reliability and prowess. Beyond performance, the Seacruiser's allure is reflected in its color palette—vivid Red, serene Cream, and a tranquil Blue Pastel—each telling its own story of adventure and elegance. Make your mark on the waters with this new icon of e-water mobility, and craft your unique narrative with Seacruiser—a safe, enjoyable, and trailblazing companion.


  • Max speed: 55 KM/H
  • Autonomy: 90 MN
  • Battery: Universal and removable pack
  • Propulsion: Dual electric motors
  • Weight: 70 KG
  • Horsepower: 30HP (18KW)
  • $ 24,500.00