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Dive into the essence of speed with the Searacer, an embodiment of a futuristic racing design that instantly aligns with the innovative DNA of Searider. Conceived for adrenaline enthusiasts, the Searacer offers an electrifying ride with a maximum speed of 77 km/h, seamlessly merging the thrill of motorcycle racing with the elegance of watersports. Offering a substantial 50-minute autonomy, it's designed for those who crave uninterrupted high-speed adventure on the waves. At a mere 65 kg, this e-watercraft ensures precise handling and unrivaled performance, allowing you to navigate the waters with agility and confidence.


Eco-Friendly Innovation: Green Technology at Its Core

Commitment to sustainability is at the forefront of the Searacer, leveraging advanced green technology to ensure eco-conscious exploration. Equipped with dual electric motors, it produces zero CO2 emissions, providing an answer to the pressing need for environmentally friendly water mobility solutions. The use of a universal removable battery pack supports ease of use and promotes an eco-friendly transition in the nautical world, ensuring that riders can enjoy the benefits of a clean and efficient experience. The Searacer stands as a testament to Searider’s dedication to minimizing environmental impact without compromising on the thrill or quality of the ride.

Designed for Excellence: The Ingenuity of Searacer

Every aspect of the Searacer is meticulously crafted using the latest technology, from its dual electric motors to its hydrodynamic structural design. Searider's in-house patented powertrain has been designed for efficiency, propelling riders into the future with reliable power. Precision meets innovation with an in-house inverter design, ensuring a seamless and responsive journey on the water. The eco-designed raw materials, like recycled ocean plastics, further underscore Searider's commitment to a cleaner future, making the Searacer not just a vehicle, but a choice for environmental stewardship.

Pioneering the Future of Water Mobility

Searider presents the Searacer as part of a comprehensive, trendsetting vision that encapsulates speed, sustainability, and innovation. By integrating feedback from dedicated riders and harnessing the power of meticulous research and development, Searider has proven that their transition into e-water mobility isn't just aspirational, but a tangible reality. As we move into 2024—a year signified by Searider as the year of transition into e-water mobility—the Searacer stands ready to let enthusiasts write their own stories of passion and conservation on the water. With its unique color options - Marine Blue, Silver, and Snow White - the Searacer is not just a high-performance machine but also a statement of style and environmental consciousness.


  • Max speed: 77 KM/H
  • Autonomy: 50 MN
  • Battery: Universal and removable pack
  • Propulsion: Dual electric motors
  • Weight: 65 KG
  • Horsepower: 45HP (33KW)
  • $ 30,000.00