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Sherp ATV

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Sherp ATV is the world's most capable vehicle in terms of off-road performance. Engineered to drive through any terrain, it can easily overcome obstacles up to 70 cm high. It is also capable of going through deep snow, sand, marshes and floats perfectly on water. For those looking to have the next level of off-road adventures, this is the machine for you. 


Its construction is a testimony to its commitment to be the world's most capable off-roading machine. Its body is buoyant and can easily float on water and can easily go through it thanks to the deep treaded low-pressure tubeless tires. It only weighs around 1300 kg so it is incredibly light for its size and capabilities, and despite its minuscule footprint it can carry a payload of 1000 kg. Engineers have made its construction as simple as possible to keep reliability at an all time high and they have even thought of an ingenious way to store extra fuel by embedding it into the wheel disks. This makes the total fuel capacity 232 liters and given its low fuel consumption of 2-3 liters per hour on any type of terrain, the Sherp ATV becomes a mighty powerful off-roading vehicle even for the longest trips. 


The Sherp ATV was built to perform off-road and the engineering and design choices are a clear reflection of that. It has a very simplistic sealed cabin that keeps the driver and passengers secure at all times. The ATV is powered by a reliable Kubota engine that outputs 44.3 HP and makes it go at a top speed of 40 km/h, more than enough for a vehicle of this purpose. It can climb steep inclines of up to 35 degrees and thanks to a specially designed fuel container, the engine is never starved of fuel despite the steep tilted position. Thanks to its skid steering, it is able to turn on the spot and provides excellent manoueverability. 

Off-roading Adventures

We could not imagine a vehicle better than the Sherp ATV for offroading. Its large capacity fuel tank would offer an anatomy of around 115 hours of offroad driving on all terrains which would be enough to get you wherever you want to go and back. It has a high survivability and can even drive with two defunct wheels, meaning it would never leave you stranded anywhere. Built as simply as possible, it also offers a relatively easy repair and maintenance. There is a 170 litre compartment under the floor boards for extra storage as well. You can easily fit 4 full-size beds inside the Sherp ATV for the ultimate overnight offroading adventure. If you're looking for the best way to go out in nature, this vehicle is your answer. 

Engine Kubota V1505-T

Fuel Diesel

Transmission 5-Speed Manual

Suspension Pneumatic circulating

Clutch SACHS

Power 44.2 HP

Length 340 cm

Width 251 cm

Height 251 cm

Sherp ATV
  • $ 120,000.00