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Super Veloce Titanio Espresso Maker

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The Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio is touted as the most beautifully engineered espresso machine in the world.

The Ultimate Fusion of Art and Engineering

Its design aesthetics and functionality draw inspiration from the grand world of Grand Prix racing as it has since the 1950s. The high-performance V12 engine, a pinnacle of Grand Prix racing technology, serves as the foundational design concept of this coffee maker. Traditionally crafted by renowned engine masters and made in Italy, this espresso machine perfectly captures the passion for racing with the love for a robust cup of espresso.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

The Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio comes hand-built in limited numbers, making each piece a rare and treasured object. Strikingly resembling half-scale versions of the engines that powered Grand Prix cars during the 1990s, this coffee machine encapsulates the elegance and power of that illustrious era. Each unit is meticulously assembled by hand from aerospace-grade alloys and carbon fiber in a state-of-the-art facility, ensuring the utmost precision and quality.

Customization and Detailing

The Espresso Veloce Serie Titanio offers impressive customization options through color combinations. The discerning enthusiast can create a truly individual, significant work of art thanks to an aerospace-spec anodizing process. Color options may be applied to virtually any part of the “engine” component and a unique serial number may be chosen, subject to availability. Made from a combination of Anticorodal 6082 & 6061/T6 alloy, stainless steel 316 Ti & 304, it features anodized natural alloy, bright silver, and various other color choices for specific parts. Moreover, the base plate is crafted from high-pressure Thermoset carbon fiber, adding another exquisite touch to its makeup.


Weight 23KG

Engine V Block Anodized Natural Alloy

Cylinder Heads Anodized Bright Silver

Input Voltage 220, 240V

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Super Veloce Titanio Espresso Maker
  • $ 15,500.00