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Italian Dream Motorcycle

Suzuki EF400BB

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The Suzuki EF400BB from Italian Dream Motorcycle is the perfect motorcycle for every enthusiast to have. It was discovered by researching past motorcycle events. The bike is built entirely by hand in the late ’70s except for the engine, the aluminum tank, and the saddle. The adopted engine is the Suzuki DR400, the aluminum tank from a Husqvarna and the saddle from an Ossa. It competed in the European Motocross Vintage Motorship. The motorcycle is in amazing condition. It was made by a Belgian with one goal in mind, run and win. The bike was innovative for the time built with the highest-quality parts. The Suzuki EF400BB still retains the high-performance today.


- The engine is a Suzuki 400cc four-stroke engine with Mukin carburetors.
- The frame is handmade with iron and aluminum.
- The steering plates which are, engraved with the initials of the manufacturer B.B. with built-in handlebar mounts to make driving more responsive.
- The front forks are handmade, as well as the rear suspensions made with a cooling system to have a better activity despite any stress.
- The exhaust pipe that is beautiful in its simplicity, and 'amazing for the time it was made, hides the expansion near the aluminum filter box like the current ones, making it not only cooler, but also safer; and we guarantee that it makes fire and flames.
- The foot brackets are machined from solid and are adjustable with a double attachment to be able to have an optimal driving position.
- The mudguards are made of beaten aluminum by hand, the spoked wheels are from '18 and '19
- The bike that has a very first generation electronic ignition obviously has the kickstart, which turns on the engine on the first try.

Suzuki EF400BB
  • $ 29,800.00