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Tamarit Motorcycles

Tata by Tamarit Motorcycles

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Tamarit number 103, baptized as Tata, revives the spirit of Dirt Track racing with the incorporation of parts designed especially for this engine and style. In the case of Tata, it was the customer himself who bought the bike to start with the conversion, once it arrived at the Tamarit Workshop facility. The end result is a capable 2-wheeler machine that can outstand everything that you throw at it. 

Inspired by Racing for Racing

Inspired by previous projects and by dirt oval racing, this Scrambler 1200 is a clear example of how to represent the spirit of Dirt Track racing on a bike that is also functional in the city. 

For the colors of #103 Tata, Tamarit went all the way back to motor racing in the 1920s, when countries began to be identified by colors. This led to the birth of British Racing Green, the green color by which England was identified.

Later, the famous British motorcycle brand would adapt this color for its racing bikes, under the name Competition Green. This color is one of the protagonists of the Tata design, together with their Chrome 80 and the gold details.


The client was keen on satin black color to be predominant in the esthetics, so the conversion of the bike Tata was completed with the customization of the engine block and fenders. Both elements have been painted in satin black.

Other components that are part of the project:

  • Single-seater Dirt Track seat painted to match the tank colors.
  • Customized Frontal Atlas with the colors of the motorcycle and the number 35.
  • Dakar exhaust that repels heat to prevent burns.
  • High fender for greater protection, painted in satin black.
  • Fork covers for Scrambler 1200 painted in Chrome 80.
  • New eliminator kit that allows the rear fender to be completely removed.
Tata by Tamarit Motorcycles
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