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Tempus - Obsidian Edition

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Welcome to the futuristic timepiece collection of lighting artist and designer Ben Rousseau.

A Timeless Kinetic Art Piece

Obsidian is a stunning kinetic art piece that doubles as a real-time clock, designed for use in residential and commercial spaces. Its surface beautifully reflects the surrounding environment, adding depth and elegance to any space.

A Symbol of Time and Value

With a history dating back to 100 B.C., Obsidian was used in trading by the Mayans, who perceived its value to be higher than gold. Beyond its material worth, Obsidian is believed to act as a protective shield against negative energies. In its Tempus incarnation, Obsidian aims to relieve stress with its calming patterns of light building.

Customizable Lighting for a Personal Touch

The lighting effect on all Obsidian timepieces is fully programmable, allowing users to select colors that suit their individual styling requirements. With 15 preset colors and patterns, easily adjustable remotely via Bluetooth on your personal Tempus profile, available for both Apple and Android, Obsidian offers a customizable and user-friendly experience.


Materials: Mirror, grained black aluminium frame, acrylic, LED.

Size: 710 mm diameter x 45mm (frame), + 30mm wall bracket.

Weight: 12kg ( 18kg with packaging )

Made: UK with Italian-made PCB and USA-made LED's.

Availability: 1 - 6 weeks depending on stock.

Tempus - Obsidian Edition
  • $ 9,800.00