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Italian Dream Motorcycle

Tripla 0.0 675cc

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Following after the Tripla competizione, the 0.0 offers a slightly tamer beast perfect for conquering the city streets.

The Tripla 0.0 Base

At first glance, you might think this is a Speed Triple based motorcycle; but you're wrong. It is actually based on the Triumph Street Triple motorcycle. Despite looking a bit like its older brother, the Street Triple offers a different riding experience. 

The Upgrades

The smaller tank, seat plane and power delivery make for a wild ride in an empowering stance. The Tripla 0.0 was built in collaboration with highly specialized workshops that manufacture racing parts. First, the rear suspension was replaced with the Speed Triple monoshock suspension. To make this possible, research and development was put into machining two plates that made the suspension feel at home. Not only it increases stability and precision, it also offers an aesthetic upgrade. The chain transmission is replaced with a belt drive transmission connected by CNC machined pulleys. A racing belt offers improved safety and offers a smoother power delivery; without taming the beast inside. A triple mouthed exhaust screams the noise of the triple cylinders. 

The Design

The tail, seat and carriers are entirely handcrafted and designed with the Tripla 0.0 in mind. As always, the iconic front fairing is tinted in a dark color and exposes the iconic eyes of the Triple series. The rims are machined out of solid blocks of metal and cover the entirety of the wheels,giving the Tripla 0.0 a stealthy look. 

Engine 675cc 3-Cylinder Inline

Horsepower 100 hp

Transmission Belt Drive, Gears

Limited edition 5 Examples

Dashboard Motogadget Digital Speedometer

Wheels/Rims Pirelli Diablo/CNC Machined

Seat Material Leather/Alcantara


Tripla 0.0 675cc
  • $ 43,200.00