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Vanguard Roadster Prototype

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TheArsenale has the pleasure to display and offer for sale this unique piece, a part of motorcycling design and history: the Vanguard Roadster Prototype.


Vanguard was created by Francois-Xavier Terry and included renowned designer Edward Jacobs.
Francois-Xavier is an experienced manager and board member for mid-sized companies. He began his professional career in 1991 at Bain & Company and then created his own consulting firm in 1996 as a firm specializing in industrial cost optimization. In 2006, F-X accepted a competitor's offer. Since then, he has been a Board Advisor, General Manager, and Investor for various companies. He helped open and manage a Family Office in New York City before founding Vanguard end of 2013.
Edward has been designing, engineering, and bringing ground-breaking motorcycles to the road since 2004.
He studied architecture and industrial design in New York City.

Vehicle description

This functional prototype was developed by Vanguard Moto Inc., a NY company engaged in innovation, design, and engineering in the motorcycle industry. The prototype presented was started end of 2013 and revealed to the public in December 2016, at the NY Motorcycle Show.
This machine was developed to demonstrate Vanguard’s take on design and innovation. It is a fully functional prototype that was started and covered initial testing mileage before being turned into a collection piece. There is only one existing copy of this machine.
The Vanguard Roadster has a striking contemporary silhouette, the result of clear and well-informed design decisions. The lines emerged from breaking everything down into rethinking needs and solutions.

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It features countless innovations never seen before in the motorcycle industry, among which:
⦁ Frameless design with a structural engine
⦁ A unitized crankcase, integrated exhaust system with advanced heat shielding, a swing arm with shaft-drive and encapsulated rear suspension
⦁ A rotating tank to access all-electric and electronics
⦁ A digital dashboard with a rear-view camera, LED front lights, and rotating LED turn signals
⦁ A highly modular design, based on large sub-assemblies, allowing to reduce assembly time and non-quality costs

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Vanguard Roadster Prototype
  • Sold out $ 100,000.00