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The Foundry Mc.

Yamaha XJ600 Café Racer

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Created by Spanish workshop The Foundry Mc, this brand new café racer is based on a mint 1985 Yamaha XJ600. 

The bike came touched by Nuno Capêlo, with a scarred Capêlo's Garage inscription and a 78 number plate. First, Carlos identified the fuel tank; the popular yet rare Honda CB 750 SuperSport. It took a lot of time and research to find one in good shape as they are quite rare outside of the United States of America. Then, the bike was stripped down to reveal the frame and repair minor defects. The rear frame was chopped and re-painted. Carlos also painted the engine with heat-resistant paint and he cleaned the carburetors. New filters were installed along with a 4 in 1 manifold with a double exhaust. The Dunlop Sportmax Alpha tires are almost full-slick, making it a proper tool for urban commutes. 

To match Spanish regulations, the frame was shortened as much as possible yet it has space for a second seat. For the first time, Carlos used fiberglass for the seat/tail and the side number plates. The front fork was shortened by 55 mm and a pair of clip-on handlebars was mounted to complete the Café Racer styling. A minimalistic MMB odometer and LED indicators are also installed to maintain the clean look. The tank and tail are coated in a matte finish black. 

Overall the bike features simple and elegant lines with finely blended elements of design; making for a rather stylish Café Racer.

Yamaha XJ600 Café Racer
  • $ 10,476.00