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Yamaha XS650

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Vehicle description

The XS 650 project started 2 years ago when Jouvin Jacques began searching for the perfect Motorcycle for his special project. After having found a used 1H1 from 1978 the project was launched. A number of moto enthusiasts and garages worked together to create the classic, the world of motorcycles was missing. This experienced team of builders from France has made the Yamaha XS650 a force to be reckoned with. Based on XS650, it was extensively modified to feel like the most classic bike on the planet. The bike is a one-off that looks like a piece of art. If you are interested in the bike please get in touch with us.


- Complete engine restoration: engine and box bearings sets, new seats and valves, re-raising of cylinders, new pistons, reinforced oil pump, complete electronic ignition with CDI Kennedy case, boot control, ignition shaft, flat screw, and centrifuge.
-A pair of Keihin PWK 34 have replaced the original depressure carburetors; they are equipped with the aluminum intake pipe and complemented with KN air filter with a wood finish and aluminum in inclusion.
-For the finish of the engine, the choice was on a high engine part with a high-temperature satin black paint treatment with sanding and polishing of the cylinders.
-Replacement of all axes and bolts (stainless steel).
-The bottom full engine and inside casings have been polished.
The head of the engine oil filling cap received a special treatment consisting of wood and aluminum.
-Exhausts replaced by stainless steel models; 45 mm tubing with chrome peashooter silencer, custom-made 5mm aluminum fastening leg mounted on silent-blocks.
-Mounting of remote controls all CNC custom is made with stop-fire contactor adaptation.
-The handles are made of custom-turned wood.
-The count, electronic turn count is found embedded in a wooden shell and aluminum.
-Mounting a chrome Reno 180 mm headlight.

The Teams

-The Mechanical part Fabien Tourlan "Atelier Les Bécanes" specialist restorer old motorcycle.
- Part cycle: Aymeric Romanowski Atelier WIK and Bernard Christy.
-Part paintings and varnishes: David Gallet Dadygraph and Laurent Chapus Neway Designs.
-Seurat 3: rims, shelving, and suspensions.
-Twins-inn France. Specialist XS.
-E. Nov.
-Sparte Motorcycle.

Yamaha XS650
  • $ 50,000.00