Yamaha XSR700

Yamaha XSR700

Commute in style

$ 19,900.00
Released by Bad Winners

Amazingly Exciting

Bad Winners wants you to have style when riding along on a daily basis. Daily commuters don’t have to only be practical and boring, and you are looking at the perfect illustration. From home to work, this Yamaha XSR700 is easy to ride, great looking, and reliable. A great way to ride differently and actually enjoying it. The Bad Winners Yamaha XSR700 has a two-year engine guarantee and is made on order and takes about two months to be built. 


2-Year Warranty/ BW 2 in 1 Exhaust Pipes/ SC-Project CR-T Carbon/ K&N RC232 Air Filters/ Fiberglass Bodywork/ Leather Seat/ BW Upper Triple Tree/ BW Lower Triple Tree/ Renthal Fat Bar handlebar/ Renthal Grips/ Oberon Mirror/ Koso Thunderbolt Headlight/ MT-09 SP Front Fork/ MT-09 SP Front Wheel/ MT-09 SP Front Calipers/ Magura HC1/ Master Cylinder/ BW Rear Wheel Cover/ LSL Racing Footrest/ YSS Rear Shock/ BW Speedo/ Complete painting

Yamaha XSR700


BuilderBad Winners

Model2020 XSR700

Base modelYamaha XSR700


ExhaustBad Winners 2 in 1 


Yamaha XSR700

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