Take Good Food and Coffee Anywhere with nCamp

Take Good Food and Coffee Anywhere with nCamp - TheArsenale

Created by nCamp, these three little pieces of gear will help you prepare your favorite food wherever you are. The wood burning stove is a portable stove that uses biofuel to cook your favorite dishes on the go. No more chopping wood for hours, simply grab branches, twigs, dry leaves and you got yourself a cooking fire. The collapsible burning well makes sure the stove remains portable at all times. 

The food prep surface is also portable like the stove and it features a sturdy stainless steel construction and a wooden bamboo surface that is also anti-microbial for peace of mind when preparing your food. It can be easily folded and nested together with the stove, creating a single unit that's easy for transportation.

The last piece is the Café, an espresso-style coffee maker built out of stainless steel. It has a silicone covered cup on the top to serve coffee in. The silicone ensures your hands don't burn from hot coffee while also providing increased grip. Purchase the full bundle and win a free t-shirt and hat from TheArsenale.