The Perfect Riding Jacket by Komorebi

The Perfect Riding Jacket by Komorebi - TheArsenale

Do you find most leather motorcycle jackets to be overpriced and out of style? Handmade in Spain by a couple looking to craft the best possible riding jackets, Komorebi makes lifelong lasting leather jackets that will age beautifully together with you. You will fall in love with the jacket soon as you open the box. The unique leather smell surrounds the room soon as you open it. Get the perfect, one purchase for life jacket here!  


While most manufacturers use mass manufacturing, running huge warehouses with no workplace ethics and poor working conditions; each of Komorebi's jackets is handcrafted with love in Spain by two people who love their work as much as they love each other. An incredible amount of work goes into each and every jacket, making sure that every stitch is perfectly lined. 

The leather comes from ethical leather farms that are locally sourced in Spain. A smooth lambskin leather is treated to last ages. Findings are made from brass of the highest quality and you can choose their finish among; gun metal, gold, aged gold and silver. The quality of the jackets is unparalleled and you will feel it the first second you lay your hands on it. If you are looking for a leather jacket that will provide great protection and also stunning for a night out with a girl, Komorebi has you covered with the Black Biker Leather Jacket. Get yours here!