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Luxurious Motorcycle Gear - Hedon Helmets - TheArsenale

Riding motorcycles is one beautiful experience that is as dangerous as it is addicting. One of the most important parts of riding, is wearing the proper gear. Accidents do happen and when you're not surrounded by a metal cage to protect you, you need gear between asphalt and your body. You have an awesome bike, an awesome body and all you need now is the gear to match. 


That's where Hedon comes in. Founded by Lindsey and Reginald, Hedon was is named after the word Hedonism - the relentless search for pleasure. They put together their experience in designing and building helmets to reimagine the urban rider's gear. Their helmets offer classic styling while retaining modern protection.


Their helmets are built out of kevlar and fiberglass to maintain a light profile and still be rugged. The trim and lining of the helmets is made out of natural calf leather. Merlin anti-bacterial cloth has been used in the inside to keep things clean, dry and safe.  


If you're looking for a helmet that will complement the aesthetics of your bike without sacrificing protection; Hedon got you covered. Shop their helmets below and get your free book with your order.