The James Brand Folsom Ebony - Exclusive on TheArsenale

The James Brand Folsom Ebony - Exclusive on TheArsenale - TheArsenale

The James Brand based out Portland, Oregon makes some of the greatest looking and performing knives in the market for all EDC tasks. The Folsom is their workhorse knife, being able to tackle all sorts of adventures and never leaving your side. Exclusively on TheArsenale, The James Brand  has decided to distribute a limited quantity of Folsom knives on our platform for Europe. Hurry up and grab yours before they run out. 


This special edition of the Folsom uses a natural handle made of ebony wood. The dark hue of the handle goes extremely well with the black coated Carpenter CTS-BD1 blade. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and well designed thumb hole, you can flick open the knife with both hands as it is ambidextrous. The handle features a lanyard hole in the bottom so you can keep it safely tied to your gear on your adventures. A movable grip also makes it easy for you to store it in any of your pockets, making it even easier to take it out. 


Its durable construction and timeless design will make it the perfect companion in your EDC layout or your outdoor adventures. Thanks to its durable blade, it's able to handle the most menial tasks and the most challenging ones with effortless performance. Whether it is making spikes for your camping tent, cutting fishing lines or simply opening cardboard boxes at your home; the Folsom Ebony is the perfect tool to do it; as always, with style.