A Quick Visit to Car Tuner Machine Revival

A Quick Visit to Car Tuner Machine Revival - TheArsenale

We had to see where the magic happens. French car tuner Machine Revival is located in the south east back country. In a place where you would not think one of the most ambitious Porsche builder is located. The team does most of the modification on house, by hand. From air cooled Flat Six setup to bespoke saddlery.

The workshop had some great treasures lying around, like this over cool Puch Pinzgauer that is used as a company car to move parts around, and eventually to get some croissants on sunday. We also spotted a BMW E28 art car project under a cover, or a california roasted Porsche 914 waiting for its time. We let you discover it all in the following gallery. And if you are looking for some goods from them, check up their Garage on The Arsenale.