The Alpha-Centauri Hydroplane is a Fighter Jet on Water

The Alpha-Centauri Hydroplane is a Fighter Jet on Water - TheArsenale

Designed to look like Batman's favorite water vehicle, the Alpha-Centauri hydroplane offers an interesting mix of luxury and blazing speed. This interesting hydroplane's main purpose is tending larger yachts or playing around at high speed.


The 8.3 meter vessel is built out of a lightweight composite structure buttoned to a stainless steel frame, weighing only 1650 kgs. The interior is fairly simple and features striking red detailing. There are four red leather racing-style bucket seats for you to sit tight. A Raymarine navigation system is conveniently installed in the dashboard and a Rockford-Fosgate sound system with two subwoofers provides entertainment on the water. There are optional extras such as heating, air conditioning, bespoke interiors and exterior colors. 

Powering this insane boat is a 9.5-liter Chevrolet V8 engine with a power output of 750 hp. The engine is paired to a two-stage Scott jet-drive to ensure precise power delivery and control. It can go 60 knots on the water with ease so now you understand why they used bucket racing seats. There's also an optional 2000 hp engine package for those who are completely senseless. Alpha-Centauri themselves describe this boat as "impractical, inefficient, and terrifying."; a synonym for incredibly fun.