Ujet Electric Scooter - Efficient Transportation Made Easy

Ujet Electric Scooter - Efficient Transportation Made Easy - TheArsenale

Launched in Luxembourg ,the Ujet Electric Scooter is the latest word in efficient and emissions-free commuting. Set on a path to make transport environment friendly, the Ujet has zero-emissions and low-carbon. 

ujet electric scooter

As futuristic as the concept itself, the Ujet features a stunning design with defined shapes and an asymmetrical frame. For the first time ever, an orbital wheel is used in both ends of the scooter. They can also be customized, with options ranging from colors to seat height. 

ujet electric scooter

The Ujet offers a range between 70 to 150 km, depending on your riding style. You can charge the scooter in only two hours using a standart socket. The smart battery is removable and features built in wheels for easy transportation. It can be used as a powerbank for your devices and it also has an integrated wireless speaker. 

ujet electric scooter battery

The ultra-light frame is robust and made of aircraft-grade compsite materials. Weighing only 43 kg, it is the easiest scooter to ride. The Ujet can also fold in half and can be easily stored in your home, office and trunk. 

folding ujet electric scooter

Thanks to the advanced design of the wheel, a smooth and safe ride is guarnteed by help of the suspension system and lightweight brakes. The hub motor offers a 5,44 hp power output and 90 Nm of torque. Thanks to the electric powerplant, the Ujet offers instant torque delivery. Developed specifically for the Ujet, the wheel offers improved traction and grip. The scooter can also connect to your iOS or Android app. Thanks to its neat interface, you can easily access navigation, voice control, music playback and an integrated HD camera. The onboard computer takes care of integrating GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in a neat dashboard. 

ujet electric scooter wheel