182M Research Expedition Vessel Superyacht

182M Research Expedition Vessel Superyacht - TheArsenale

The Research Expedition Vessel, or REV; is a superyacht that has just signed its contract to begin the build of this massive vessel, expecting to see the end of its production by 2020.

research expedition vessel superyacht

The REV will have a 22 meter hull and will draw 5 meters below the surface. All of the deck will comfortably sit over 40 meters above the waterline.  Measuring at 182M long, it has a Gross Tonnage of around 16,000 GT. It will be pwoered by two 2,400 eKw Caterpillar engines, with a top speed of 17 knots at half load. The REV will be able to cruise non-stop for 21,120 nautical miles, or 98% of the distance around our planet. Due to its purpose, the ship will be able to carry up to 60 scientists and 40 crew members in its "expedition mode". Luxury expedition trips are also possible in the REV, with a capacity of 36 guests along 54 crew members. 

This project will be carried on by commercial shipbuilder VARD. They have a close collaboration with a world renowned superyacht designer Espen Oeino and the owner of this vessel; Kjell Inge Røkke, a Norwegian businessman and philanthropist. Oeino declared that the REV is one of the most challenging vessels he has had to design. The REV will serve as an expedition ship and luxury cruiser at the same time. So many standards have to be met, and the ship is expected to perform under demanding climatic conditions and accommodate scientific equipment that will help carry on researches about our oceans.

research expedition vessel superyacht

Due to the size of the Rsearch Expedition Vessel, the construction will take place in several stages and countries. First, the hull will be built at VARD's Tulcea facility in Romania. Then it will be towed to Brattvaag, Norway for outfitting and then it will return to Romania; where the finishing touches such as fairings, deck-laying and finalization of the accommodation areas will be complete. By 2020, it will be delivered to its owner.

Røkke has given some insight regarding the purpose of the vessel, saying that there is no real economic rationale behind it. The REV will serve as an arena for scientists, marine experts and many more. It will serve as a charter for private individuals, companies etc. That will serve as funding for the project, and Røkke and his family will also use the ship for recreation and inspiration. REV is fitted with many eco-friendly features, such as a slim hull line, an energy recovery rudder system and battery package with an exhaust cleaning system.

REV will be one of the most important vessels to be built lately due to its purpose; and it will meet nearly any kind of sailing standard. Not only can it cruise around the planet without stopping, it can carry scientific equipment that will allow scientists to learn more about the oceans. 

research expedition vessel superyacht